The GameMaster is experiencing with you!

All our booked rooms are private. It means, you would enjoy playing your game only with your friends and family members. We will not add anyone to your group.

Dedicated GameMaster to each Group!

There is no push-for-help button because our GameMaster is constantly with you during your activity with the help of special microphones and video cameras for each room. For this reason, we are able to provide an experienceb best suited for your team. With our dedication, most teams are successful during their escape games.

Our GameMaster can help you!

During your game, you might receive hints on our special TV screens or Tablet. If you do not want any help, that’s ok! Simply let your GameMaster know before or during the activity.

Please contact us by + 1 888 888 8888

In case you want to book your time outside the schedule